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Digital Transformation according to most commentators has been accelerated by the pandemic and has been identified as the key priority initiative for businesses everywhere! So what might this look like? What does it mean for your company? Which solution works?

To answer these questions and more, join this webinar and learn how CitySprint utilised Salesforce to drive digital transformation to:

  • Drive improved customer experience
  • Create a new digital onboarding process
  • Support the next initiatives in the business strategy

With these learnings the benefits for you include:-

  • Insights into what tangible improvements in customer experience look like
  • Understanding how…

What is the Salesforce Talent Alliance and why is Smplicity partnering with them?

The Salesforce Talent Alliance is an initiative directly from Salesforce aimed at bringing new talent into the ecosystem, with a specific focus on encouraging inclusivity and diversity. As the platform continues expanding at an exponential rate, the need for new Salesforce professionals is greater than ever.

As a registered Salesforce Partner Smplicity Consulting we are proud to support the Salesforce Talent Alliance for the year 2021, as we believe in giving back to the Salesforce community and developing the Salesforce Professionals of the future based on our…

Over the last few years at Smplicity, we have been running many webinars on regular occasions for our clients and working in collaboration with our partners including Salesforce. Due to popular demand, we are pleased to the official launch of the Smplicity Webinar series for a wider audience starting next Thursday 18th February 2021 3 pm — 4 pm GMT.

What is the first webinar in this new series about?

Please see below. We hope you can join us for the live events.

The first webinar in the series is about the 5 big mistakes to avoid for Sales &…

We are excited to launch Smplicity’s very first Virtual Open Office. During this worldwide health crisis, the safety and well-being of our team members, clients, and families have been a priority. Despite the lockdown, we have been maintaining our services to our clients and as time evolved, we all need to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Over the last few years, our knowledge and expertise around Salesforce have been developed by working on various projects across all Salesforce clouds including Business Transformation, Lead to Cash, Customer Retention, and Business as Usual Support across a variety of industries. …

Salesforce is doing a great job of managing the forecasting out of the box, however, the basic configuration has limitations. It is designed to satisfy the basic business need when using the Amount field on Opportunity by default. But businesses like SAAS, FINTECH, and other more complex models will require a number of custom fields to calculate different financial and reporting values to fit the business-specific need.

In order to allow forecasting on these custom financial fields, it is required to do more customisation on your Salesforce org and repoint from the default setting.

Salesforce CPQ provides multiple options to discount prices, some of these are simple, some are more complicated to support the needs of millions of individual businesses across the Globe. The discounts can be set on the entire quote, individual product lines, or product groups, all enhanced by several categories.

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Robust CPQ discounting systems support even combinations of discount schedules with block prices, which gives you the flexibility to move from flat pricing to per-unit pricing.

Who would have thought! Even a pandemic couldn’t stop the amazing Salesforce event — Dreamforce from happening!
But this time. it will be Better and unique!
This year you can attend Dreamforce from the luxury of your sofa, bed, or anywhere else! And when we say ‘Anywhere’ We mean ANYWHERE!

Dreamforce is the highlight in the Salesforce calendar for a lot of members in the Salesforce Ecosystem. …

Salesforce’s European leg of its annual world tour, Salesforce World Tour 2017 will be hosted in London on May 18 at London Excel Center. As with previous tours, it will be packed with events and filled with opportunities to learn, meet people and network.

However it’s possible to get lost in the chaos of the mega event so here are a few tips on how to spend your day fruitfully and return from the tour with new ideas, contacts and hopefully better ways to connect with your clients.

1. Plan your trip in advance and be organised

It sounds so basic but every year many people travelling for conferences are stranded at airports or stuck in traffic of a city that they are not familiar with. Due to poor planning, they find themselves scuttling to reach an event that they took leave from work and have paid to attend.

Don’t let that happen…


We specialise in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, and CPQ, providing personalised service with our clients. Bringing over 40 years of experience #Salesforce

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